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A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Art has earned several awards for his work in business communications, public relations and advertising creative. A content developer and marketing strategist, Art is also the editor of the monthly outdoor sports digital magazine, The Outpost. In addition, he is a regular speaker and writer on a wide range of subjects including health, fitness and outdoor sports. His experience includes sports marketing, new product feasibility and children’s marketing.

Raising buckets of charitable donations.

            A month ago, most people had only a vague recognition of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. It’s commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, although the famous New York Yankee first baseman who contracted this disease died in 1941. What a … Continue reading

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Six Ways to Get Media Coverage

            As the editor of an outdoor sports monthly magazine – The Outpost – I receive dozens of pitches for media coverage each week. Whether they concern new products, new hunting or fishing shows or … Continue reading

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How Economic Theory Can Affect Your Next Campaign

            Consumers tend to make up their minds about products and services based on the last thing they heard about them. If you think this is too simplistic or you’re dubious, please take a minute … Continue reading

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Getting a Handle on Habits

              Finally! The resolutionaries have retreated back to their couch-potato, carbohydrate-consuming and slovenly ways. It usually happens on or before the Ides of March or at the very latest, April Fool’s Day, every year. They … Continue reading

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Getting into the Zone

              We’ve seen it happen too many times to be merely coincidence. A basketball player hits a couple of long shots and then becomes unstoppable. Everything he/she throws up is nothin’ but net. For some … Continue reading

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