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A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Art has earned several awards for his work in business communications, public relations and advertising creative. A content developer and marketing strategist, Art is also the editor of the monthly outdoor sports digital magazine, The Outpost. In addition, he is a regular speaker and writer on a wide range of subjects including health, fitness and outdoor sports. His experience includes sports marketing, new product feasibility and children’s marketing.

LEGO Creativity Experiment

                For a toy that’s been around for more than 82 years, LEGO is more popular now than ever before. The LEGO Movie opened on February 7, 2014, and it has been the top … Continue reading

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Be My Valentine

It may surprise you to learn that Valentine’s Day was not invented by the chocolate, floral, greeting card, jewelry and restaurant industries. Legends about this February 14th celebration, named after Saint Valentine, abound. According to The History Channel, the Catholic … Continue reading

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What You Can Expect in 2014

                    Have you noticed? The dawning of a New Year practically screams for pontifications. So, why do we feel the need to make predictions about the coming year? There are several … Continue reading

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A New Reality in the Printed Word

Passion is a very powerful emotion. When it’s channeled properly and multiplied exponentially, it can yield impressive results. Such has been the case with growth of the  Foundation of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette  and this is why passion … Continue reading

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Real Men Shop Early!

Guys and holiday shopping….what could possibly go wrong? Nothing much, except for the fact that men are notorious for waiting until the absolute, eleventh-hour, last minute to shop. If you ARE this guy or you know someone like him, this blog’s … Continue reading

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