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A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Art has earned several awards for his work in business communications, public relations and advertising creative. A content developer and marketing strategist, Art is also the editor of the monthly outdoor sports digital magazine, The Outpost. In addition, he is a regular speaker and writer on a wide range of subjects including health, fitness and outdoor sports. His experience includes sports marketing, new product feasibility and children’s marketing.

Prejean Creative Designer (Temporarily) Changes His Stripes

                The associate creative director at Prejean Creative, Brent Pelloquin, is usually an easygoing, genial, funny guy. Most times, he’s up for a laugh about the foibles that surround the quirky world of … Continue reading

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How Google’s New Search Formula Will Affect You

      It’s amazing how a hummingbird could raise such a ruckus. The most successful search engine on the planet – Google – has fundamentally changed the way it scours the Internet for information by changing its search algorithm. … Continue reading

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How Small Business Can Get Social

When the decision is made to advertise their goods or services, most local businesses wouldn’t think of renting a video camera and studio and producing their own TV commercials. (At least, we hope not.) However, if they decide they’re Steven … Continue reading

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