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The associate creative director at Prejean Creative, Brent Pelloquin, is usually an easygoing, genial, funny guy. Most times, he’s up for a laugh about the foibles that surround the quirky world of advertising – the demanding schedules and deadlines, the sometimes mercurial clients and the challenge of finding new ways to accomplish the old objective of selling something.

However, on Friday afternoons in the fall, when his beloved alma mater Louisiana State University has a game the next day, Brent has his game face on and his school colors on display. As a native of Lafayette (Acadiana High School, class of ’93) and a graduate of LSU with a degree in graphic design, Pelloquin bleeds purple and gold.

Imagine the surprise for everyone in the 70508 zip code one Friday in September when his colleagues noticed a different tiger, with a different color scheme appearing on his oversized Apple computer screen. Further investigation revealed that not only was Brent changing tiger stripes (if only for the moment), but also was working on something that would normally be unheard of. There were action photos of football players wearing helmets adorned with tiger’s paws, and the word CLEMSON was clearly visible on this lifelong LSU fan’s computer monitor.

What Gives Here?


























The only things that could make this passionate LSU Tiger change his stripes and immerse himself in a design project that focused on the Clemson Tiger were his dedication to his craft and a request from a Prejean Creative client – Bill Burke. Here’s how this changing of the Tigers happened.

“This project came about through a previous working relationship we had with Bill Burke when he was the co-owner of EasyClosets,” said Brent. “Bill is a great client and he always liked the work we did for his company. So, when he needed a design for a personal project, he knew who to call.”

Just a wild guess here, but is Bill Burke a big fan of Clemson University?

Brent smiled and said, “That would be a big, enthusiastic ‘yes!’”

While Prejean Creative has designed a number of vehicle graphics, this one had a slight twist. Brent noted, “I have had quite a few opportunities to design vehicle wraps for utility vehicles and food trucks, and as far as my approach from a production standpoint goes, it was pretty much the same. I got the basic measurements and prepared the files to scale for the printer to apply the graphics.

“However, from a design standpoint this was a little different. Most of the corporate wraps I’ve done had certain requirements right out of the gate. Clients usually say, ‘We need to have these logos represented, this messaging needs to be communicated, etc.’ This wrap was different.

“Bill’s main directive was to simply let it scream, Clemson football! He wanted me to use every available square-inch of the trailer to represent the passion that he and his tailgating brethren have for Clemson. Simply put, it was the cleanest canvas I’ve ever had to start working with.”

Keeping the Tigers Straight
It’s fairly well-known, based on his purple and gold shirts, caps, pennants, shoelaces, water bottles and other items, that Brent attended a well-known university in Baton Rouge. Was it a challenge to design a vehicle for a rival school?

Brent said, “Yeah, it initially had me fidgeting in my seat, but for the most part I was able to look at it strictly as a job and leave my fandom at the door. I think Bill was initially a little worried about approaching me to design the trailer because of my alma mater, especially after Clemson beat LSU in last year’s Chick-fil-A Bowl.

“Both schools having a tiger as the mascot made it somewhat easier. It felt right having a tiger of another color. It definitely eased the pain.”

Roll Tide?
With everybody happy about the Clemson Tiger tailgate vehicle, including and especially the client, would Brent take on another project like this one, say for a Texas Longhorn fan or some other school?

Without hesitation, Brent said, “Certainly. Vehicle graphics are always fun to work on. It’s always a challenge to design with dimension in mind, considering how the final product will be viewed from multiple angles. Although, I must say, if another trailer project came along calling for a certain crimson elephant, I may have to reconsider!”

Are you looking for vehicle graphics? Prejean Creative has developed quite a few. Just click here to see some examples.


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