European Vacation – A Griswold’s Graphics Tour.

Took a trip in March across the big pond to Europe. It was a whirlwind sightseeing extravaganza with stops in London, Dublin, Paris, Florence and Rome. Whilst everyone is taking selfies or snapping shots of historic landmarks and whatnot, I was getting strange looks for snapping shots of subway billboards, type on manhole covers, logos on menus, graffiti and the like. My graphic design peers understand, but everyone else, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in a bunch of selfies and have a plethora of typical tourist pics, too. But you’ve seen those before. So, instead, take a tour of Europe through the lens of this graphic designer.

Some of the photos are clickable for more information. Feel free to comment, berate or share.

Useless “European” trivia for you – The “W” of Clark W. Griswold stands for Wilhelm.

About Kevin Prejean

Kevin, owner and creative director, has more than 25 years of advertising and design experience. Having worked in Dallas and Springfield, Mo., he has managed creative direction for a number of national and international clients, particularly in the hospitality and foodservice industries. His work has received beaucoup professional accolades. A little about Kevin: Lifetime New Orleans Saints fan. Graduate of University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Never met a fantasy sports league he didn’t like. Former Army Reserve officer, who in 1983, did 76 push-ups nonstop. Proud owner of a velvet Elvis. Stuck in perpetual bogey golf mode. Cooks a mean chicken and sausage gumbo.
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6 Responses to European Vacation – A Griswold’s Graphics Tour.

  1.' Allen Weaver says:

    I’m jelly of you Euro vacation. Nice pics. Love the subway tile. Cheers!

    • Kevin Prejean says:

      Thanks, Allen. It was a great trip. Biggest observations: the scale of the architecture (especially churches) is enormous. And it’s hard to wrap your brain around how old some of the museum artifacts are. It was a treat to see many pieces of art and sculptures that I studied in college.

  2.' Carmen Comeaux says:

    Love seeing Europe through your eyes Kevin! 🙂

  3.' Willie Baronet says:

    Dude, I was doing the same thing! I understand your weirdness. And I tried several times to get a selfie with some of the dudes selling selfie sticks at the Vatican. But they would have none of it.

    • Kevin Prejean says:

      The street vendors/gypsies were relentless, but to try and sell a selfie stick to a man with a natural selfie arm? Tsk. Tsk. So they let you in the Vatican City. Security must have been lacking that day. 😉

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