Spring Cleaning Your Brand

Each spring, we endeavor to clear out the clutter of our closets and desks to start fresh. Why not do the same for your brand? Brands get cluttered over time, which chips away at their identity. To prevent this dilution in brand identity, it becomes essential to eliminate or update assets that are no longer relevant.

Evaluating assets regularly also helps to keep your brand from appearing stale. Freshening up brand assets can have a stop-effect on your audiences, like they are seeing your brand for the first time. It’s the same, but it’s clean and fresh and appears new.

There are a few areas that are ripe for a spring-cleaning effort.

Digital Media
Do your organization’s digital media assets – websites, social media platforms, blogs – have consistent visual identity and messaging?

It is important for brand recognition that all assets follow the brand identity and messaging. As organizations grow and develop more assets, it is common for identity and messaging to get altered, jumbled or even lost. Regularly auditing all digital media platforms is good practice for ensuring consistent brand identity.

Are they still relevant? Do your current marketing efforts serve them?

An organization’s goals and key performance indicators (KPI) are important drivers of marketing efforts. As companies grow and evolve, goals and KPI need to shift to keep pace with that growth.

But, they are often overlooked or forgotten and become irrelevant. Regularly updating the goals is important for validating marketing efforts.

Have your audiences changed? Is your messaging to them still pertinent and does it address their needs?

Like organizations, audiences regularly evolve and their needs change. If you don’t evaluate your audiences, you will miss these changes and your marketing efforts will be less effective.

Evaluate your messaging as well when reviewing your audiences. If your audience has changed, your messaging will need to be adjusted to effectively reach them.

Are you tracking data where possible and reviewing in context of goals and KPI? Are you measuring the correct analytics?

Most organizations have access to more data than they could possibly use, and they are easily overwhelmed. However, if you approach the data in the context of goals and KPI, it can be more easily managed.

Ensure the data you are monitoring and analyzing is significant and is delivering the information you need to know.

Are your campaigns performing to expectations? Do you continue them, or do you scrap those programs and start fresh?

Part of any marketing campaign is the evaluation, but as some campaigns continue to run, the evaluation stage gets forgotten.

To ensure only the most effective campaigns are running, be sure to evaluate performance against goals.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Don’t let your brand go stale. Keep it fresh by taking some time this spring to tidy up any clutter surrounding your brand.


About Bonnie McDonald

Bonnie is an experienced marketing professional who excels in marketing strategies and tactics execution. She spent seven years in the private sector before migrating over to the agency side. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University and a Master’s degree in the same field from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is also Google AdWords Certified. A little lagniappe about Bonnie: • Played tennis at LSU • Can’t get enough of Jane Austen • Endeavors to read all the “classic” novels in both American and British literature • Likes to eat sweets until her teeth hurt (literally) • Thinks “Clueless” is a classic ode to ‘90s teens that will endure forever
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