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The Sears Christmas Wish Book – When Catalogs were King

The Christmas holidays are always a special time, but for someone like myself who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, the weeks leading up to Christmas back then meant only one thing – the Sears Christmas catalog. Ah, there … Continue reading

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Experiencing Reinvention

There are a number of very good workshops and conferences in our industry and we try to be pretty selective in those we choose to attend. These gatherings are great for gaining practical knowledge and for recharging the creative batteries. … Continue reading

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Dear Students, We’re not Zombies, but we definitely want your brains.

Or, how to show your student portfolio without turning the experience into a horror story. Unless your family owns an ad agency or design studio, landing a job in this industry can be an extremely frightening experience – and the … Continue reading

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QR codes. It looks like rocket surgery, but it’s not.

What’s the deal with those white squares filled with little black blocks showing up all over the place lately? They’ve been popping up on ads, websites, t-shirts and every other place information is being passed. They’re called QR codes and … Continue reading

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Posters of the WPA – Some Thoughts for this Labor Day

“The WPA artist, in rendering his own impression of things, speaks also for the spirit of his fellow countrymen everywhere.” – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, May 1939 As this year’s Labor Day approaches and comes to pass, I find those … Continue reading

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