LogoLounge Master Library Series – Part Deux

If one is good then two is definitely better.

Volume 2 of the LogoLounge Master Library Series is in the works and will include several of our designs, as well. It’s due for publication later this year.

About Gary LoBue Jr

Gary, a multi-disciplined creative, has nearly 35 years of brand management, strategic advertising, and conceptual design experience at his disposal. Managing international projects from Paris to Bali for clients like Disney, Lennox International, and Hyatt Hotels has allowed him to garner unique cultural and historical perspectives on his craft. We bet you didn't know that: Gary never met a cheeseburger he didn't like. Gary raced in the 125cc motocross class for years. He is a certified nurseryman. He worked as a fishing guide between his college semesters. He believes he was born at the perfect time in the perfect place. Gary believes those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Gary loves history.
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