Prejean Creative Tells You Why – Responsive Design

One Size Doesn’t Fit All…
Gone are the days of designing websites only for a desktop computer. Mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, have surpassed desktops as the preferred internet access point globally. Therefore, websites now have to be responsive to various screen sizes.

To illustrate, if viewing this page on a desktop, either adjust the window size or view this page on a mobile device. If you are viewing from a mobile device, view this page on a desktop. Keep an eye on the image. The difference is night and day.

…And Search Engines Have Responded
You may be thinking, “That’s neat and all, but my site analytics are good and conversions are still high. The user experience must not be too bad.” While this may be the case, search engines will recognize your site’s lack of responsive design. Since the recent widespread emergence of the mobile web, most major search engines have developed technologies to determine if a site is designed responsively. If it is determined unresponsive, its placement on major SERPs (search engine results pages) could be negatively affected.

Give Them What They Want
And by “them” we mean users and search engines. Users need a seamless experience no matter which type of device they are using, and search engines are seeking to deliver that experience. Make sure your website’s placement on major SERPs isn’t affected – invest in a mobile-friendly website. Developers and design teams can create a responsive site without changing the essential elements of your current website.


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