Holiday Greetings Retrospective

The holiday greeting you choose to send says a lot about you and your organization. Whether it’s a fun digital animation or an old-school printed card, these pieces are a chance to really express your personality.

As an agency, we’ve always leaned toward a printed piece for a couple of reasons. One, the holidays are a season of traditions. And, two, we really like the tactile nature of a piece crafted from really nice paper that you can hold in your hands and display. Here’s a look at a few of our agency holiday cards from the past few years.

Clean and simple, with a heartfelt message and die-cut graphics, this design felt right amidst the economic concerns of 2009. Copy: Reach past the tinsel and wrappings to discover the gifts that mean the most – those deep within ourselves.

Handmade gifts and decorations are a fun way to celebrate the holidays, so we got crafty with this card in 2007. As a group, we made each featured item, photographed the results and provided instructions so recipients could try the projects at home. Inspiration for many of the crafts came from a vintage Childcraft “Make and Do” book.

Our early Acadian folklore includes the legend of Petit Bonhomme Janvier, or Little Man January. This Cajun Santa placed treats in the shoes of Cajun children on New Year’s Eve. He is still known to visit some families here and there, so we featured this cultural tradition in our 2006 holiday greeting.

In south Louisiana, there is life before the hurricanes of 2005, and life after the hurricanes of 2005. Simple illustrations in this year’s card represented the resilient spirit of the people here and the resolve to continue our joie de vivre, despite battering from east and west by Katrina and Rita.

2001 was another of those “before and after” years. The events of September 11th prompted us to offer a holiday booklet titled Understanding. It was intended as a primer of sorts, providing basic information about five faith systems that have shaped our world – Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.

The turn of a millennium. Wow, how do you mark that? We did it with a small poster that used a familiar holiday symbol to do double duty. The Christmas tree was the perfect shape to also communicate 2000 in Roman numerals.

Wishing all of you a joyous holiday season! Feel free to post a comment and share with us some of your favorite holiday greetings.

– posted by Kevin Prejean

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Kevin, owner and creative director, has more than 25 years of advertising and design experience. Having worked in Dallas and Springfield, Mo., he has managed creative direction for a number of national and international clients, particularly in the hospitality and foodservice industries. His work has received beaucoup professional accolades. A little about Kevin: Lifetime New Orleans Saints fan. Graduate of University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Never met a fantasy sports league he didn’t like. Former Army Reserve officer, who in 1983, did 76 push-ups nonstop. Proud owner of a velvet Elvis. Stuck in perpetual bogey golf mode. Cooks a mean chicken and sausage gumbo.
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  1.' John Hacker says:

    Are the 2009 Die cut cards available this year?

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