LogoGarden Should Be Plowed Under

For everyone following what I’ve now seen referred to as “LogoGarden Gate,” here’s a full list of the logos stolen from the Prejean Creative vault, a total of 28 marks. These include work for a variety of clients, from local/regional entities to major corporations like Motorola and Simon & Schuster.

We are professional designers. We take this issue very seriously, not only as a matter of pride in our work and protection of intellectual property, but on behalf of the clients and brands who have trusted us as a marketing partner. Legal cease & desist demands are expected to go to LogoGarden from several quarters. But LogoGarden is only the most brazen of this type of “logos to go” business model. Helping organizations see the value of a true marketing partner, who helps them build their brands long-term is key to fighting the LogoGardens of the world. More on that to come.


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27 Responses to LogoGarden Should Be Plowed Under

  1. Currently seething over this. Not for the first time… our message (to business owners) isn’t being listened to.

    • Lisa Prejean says:

      It is frustrating, Mark. We do need to continue our efforts to make sure clients recognize the value professional design brings to their businesses.

  2. skrone@creativore.com' Steve Krone says:

    This is messed up. I saw some Jay Vigon work on there as well.

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  4. brokentuskk@yahoo.com' Chris says:

    Spread the word.

    Here is a simple fix to get your logos off his site ASAP.
    He is hosted by RackSpace. Fill out the form and they will demand that he remove the logo under title II. If he doesn’t, they are obligated to remove the site.
    He stole mine, I filled that out and sent it in. 4 hours later my logo was off his site.

    • Gary LoBue Jr says:

      Thanks, Chris. What an outstanding “heads-up.”

      This simple fix does appear to work – and quickly. It’s an excellent way to have content removed from the site while other legal recourses are still in action. We are about to repost your Rackspace info. Passing the word.

      Again, thanks!

  5. Brent Pelloquin says:

    Chris, thanks for the info. We’re going to go ahead and give that a try.

  6. chris@creativebeard.com' Chris Taylor says:

    Here’s a thought, what if we set up a “watch-dog” website that specifically pertains to this LogoGarden deal? We can use social media to bring attention to it and get a round-about count of how many logos/designers have been ripped off. It can serve as a platform to share comparisons/comments all in the same place. Ultimately we can update it with the legal outcomes of the effected parties and share it with our clients and the online community. We need to scare like minded plunderers away from similar ideas, but more importantly we need businesses to understand the risk they take with using sites like this. After all, the only way to make these unethical morons go away is to educate and convince “the market” not to use them. I have never seen this many stolen identities in one place and I really hope this will be the flagship that helps brings down this awful plague . . . I know that’s some extreme optimism, but if we abandon that then they’ve already won and have stolen our profession away from us along with our logos.

    Any volunteers / nominations to spearhead something like this? I am willing to help in whatever way I can.

  7. steve@poppbrand.com' steve popp says:

    I plan on spending the next hour loading their comment fields. This is disgusting.

  8. scott@swbratcher.com' Scott Bratcher says:

    Bottom feeders. To their embarrassment, unsuspecting business owners are going to fall into their cesspool.

  9. scott@swbratcher.com' swbratcher says:

    Bottom feeders. To their embarrassment, unsuspecting business owners are going to fall into their crap.

  10. trtzw@sbcglobal.net' TgW2 says:

    This type of business practice by LogoGarden is unconscionable. Too many great designers work too hard to be ripped off in this fashion. It is very unfortunate. This type of creative theft must be stopped.

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  12. ben@breadwinner.ca' Ben says:

    Try googling any of the businesses listed in their testimonials… I think the only way to beat them is at the SEO game.

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  14. me@scottlewis.info' Scott Lewis says:

    Wow! I only had 2 logos stolen by LogoGarden. They are making a killing off of your work. I agree with the comments that SEO and social media are our best weapons in this fight. I think putting up a site to siphon off as much of their positive search engine ranking as possible to direct potential customers to a watch-dog site is a great idea. Is anyone interested in helping out with such an endeavor? I currently work as a web developer and can lend my technical expertise. Also, check out my blog post on this issue at http://iconify.it/design/more-logo-thievery – I have included a link back to this article at the end of my blog post.

  15. brokentuskk@yahoo.com' Chris says:

    OK so here is the next step you can take.
    Fill this out, fax or email it to the address in the form and PayPal will start the process to kill his ability to collect money.

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  20. gnuoo@yahoo.co.uk' Graham says:

    I like the googling business who are listed as using logo garden for their logo – then go the route of contacting their hosting and having them remove the logo from the site

  21. natalia@logobee.com' LogoBee says:

    And you know what makes ME rage? It’s that those thieves have recently received 2 million dollars (!) worth in financing! You can read the details of this here: http://blog.logobee.com/?p=993

    LogoGarden? Talk about watering the weeds! How could FCA Venture Partners V make such a mistake?

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