Katrina Poster to Benefit St. Bernard Project

Katrina Poster

As the East Coast cleans up after Hurricane Irene, today marks the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. While there’s been progress six years later, many are still struggling to recover from the storm’s devastating effects. Today we’re launching a project that we hope can help in some small way.

We’ve produced a limited edition commemorative poster depicting the resilient spirit of the people of New Orleans, and indeed all of south Louisiana. We’re donating the proceeds from the sale of this poster to the St. Bernard Project, an award-winning nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding the homes and lives of Katrina survivors. The group’s focus is primarily on vulnerable families, senior citizens and disabled residents.

The poster was designed by Kevin Prejean, our creative director, immediately following Hurricane Katrina in response to a fundraiser by AIGA New Orleans. A single print was produced and sold at an auction benefiting hurricane relief. The poster now for sale is a limited edition silkscreen on French Construction 120# Blacktop cover paper stock, measuring 18 inches x 32 inches. It was silkscreened by Purple Monkey Design in NOLA. The price is $38, plus shipping, and can be ordered here.

About Lisa Prejean

Lisa, an owner and responsible for business development, has a varied communications and marketing background. Her experience includes television broadcasting, arena marketing and higher education public relations. Lisa graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Some things you may not know about her: Favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. Was a news anchor & reporter in a previous life. Incurable chocoholic. Has been photographed with Miss Piggy, George Strait, Robert Palmer and Billy Joel. Novice fantasy football team owner. Appreciates humor and a well-written phrase.
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  1. dhebert63@att.net' DAVID HEBERT says:

    No Maam, Not a good idea. You are using something that is very dear to a lot of people and should not be assoc. with a bunch of people who were told to get out and ignored the warning.

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